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Howden WRV 255 Screw Compressor Manual

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Howden WRV 255 Screw Compressor PDF MODELS:


Howden WRV 255 Screw Compressor Manuals:

WRV 163
WRV 204
WRV 255
WRV 321
WRV 365
WRV 510


Howden WRV 255 oil-injected screw compressors:

Double-walled casing design, robust, proven and highly reliable oil injected range, which includes the world’s largest capacity oil injected screw compressors. Howden’s WRV range of screw compressors are well proven, offer high reliability and versatility, and are designed for a wide range of applications. Howden’s WRV range of screw compressors are well proven, offer high reliability and versatility, and are designed for a wide range of applications.

The WRV series is available in a wide choice of capacities, extending to the largest capacity oil-injected screw compressors in the world. WRV compressors use a double-walled casing for outstanding reliability and robustness, providing low noise, high pressure performance throughout their long operational life.
Through our range of dedicated compressor companies, Howden brings together unparalleled experience and expertise in all aspects of gas compression equipment, with unique skills and unmatched reputation in areas where toxic, corrosive or unstable gases present added complications. In any sector, in every application where reliable, round the clock operation is paramount, Howden innovation and technology keeps the world’s industries running.

Howden Compressors is a specialist manufacturer of twin screw compressors. Howden Compressors supply oil injected bare shaft compressor units to independent packagers worldwide who design and supply gas and refrigeration systems on a local basis. For high specification process critical applications Howden can offer this packaging service by use of our own specialist knowledge and capabilities.

Howden WRV 255 Features:

* Sleeve Type Journal Bearings: Long operational life span.
* Double Wall Construction: Low operating noise and suitable for high pressure application.
* Optional Material of Construction: Flexibility to match project specification (e.g. API 619).
* Shaft Seal Options: Variety of high quality gas seal options.
* Range of Capability: Probably the most comprehensive range of capacity available.
* Installed Compressors: More than 25,000 WRV compressors installed worldwide.
• Cannot surge. High compression ratios per stage.
• Vibration free running.
• Smooth gas flow, low pulsation.
• Lightweight foundations.
• Ability to withstand high pressure differences.

WRV 255 Compressor Options:

• Twin wall construction with sleeve bearings.
• Single wall construction with roller bearings.
• Slide valve capacity control from 100% to 10% nominal.
• Inverter speed control.
• Variable volume ratio.
• Superfeed.

Howden WRV 255 Components:

All rotors for Howden twin screw compressors are machined from solid bar or forgings on highly accurate cutting machinery. The standard material is carbon steel, but forgings or special alloys can be used for more arduous applications. Following machining and balancing to ISO standards, male and female rotors are paired for assembly to ensure the ideal combination for maximum efficiency.
Casings are precision machined from castings using state of the art horizontal machining centres to achieve the essential close tolerances. Cast iron is the normally casing material; alternative casing materials are spheroidal graphite iron or various grades of steel.
All oil injected twin screw compressors are factory assembled by skilled engineers. The casing components are hydraulically tested to a minimum of 1.5 times maximum operating pressure to ensure integrity. Additionally, all oil injected compressors are tested with air under water following final assembly. The compressors are then mechanically run on air test rigs to confirm that volumetric efficiency, absorbed power, oil flows and vibration levels meet the stringent acceptance standards.
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